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Land Use
PATS has provided counties and municipalities with data and basic analysis to aid in the land use planning process since the late 1990s.
Women in Farming
PATS has paid particular attention to the changing role of women in various farm sectors.
Agricultural Policy
PATS has explicitly ventured into agricultural policy issues, including tax policies, health care laws, nutrient management policy, and land use planning policy, throughout the years.
Health Care for Farm Families
Health care issues are crucial to farm families and farm laborers. PATS has researched and done outreach on health care since 2000.
Farmers' Perspectives
Part of PATS mission is to provide a voice for Wisconsin farmers, and we have done so through extensive interviews and publications.
Lunchtime Policy Discussions
PATS organizes lunchtime roundtables to encourage discussion of agricultural and natural resource issues between university researchers, policy makers, and the public.
Bioenergy: Impacts and Policy
This project examines the impacts of bioenergy production on agricultural producers, land use, communities, and the environment.
El Trabajo de los Inmigrantes en las Lecherías de Wisconsin
Este proyecto de investigación de Dr. Harrison está basado en encuestas por todo el estado y entrevistas con trabajadores inmigrantes y con sus empleadores en las lecherías de Wisconsin, a partir de 2007.
Immigrant Labor on Wisconsin Dairy Farms
Jill's research into the changing demographics of the Wisconsin dairy labor force focuses on the social justice, political, and economic issues that affect immigrant laborers, farm operators, communities, and beyond.
Expansion, Modernization, and Specialization on Wisconsin Dairy Farms
Since the early 1990s, PATS (previously ATFFI) has continually examined the structural and technological dynamics of the dairy industry through surveying farmers and publishing various reports.
Adoption of Agricultural Biotechnologies
Since the early 1990s, PATS (previously ATFFI) has been tracking the dynamics of biotechnology adoption by Wisconsin farmers.
Profitability Comparisons of Various Dairy Production Systems
This project uses USDA-ARMS data to compare the profitability, and other factors, across organic, grazing, and conventional dairy production systems.
Value-Added Agriculture
In 2004, PATS created the first state-wide, comprehensive survey of value-added producers in the state. Numerous PATS publications have stemmed from this research.