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Use of rBST in America's Dairyland
Fact Sheets No. 3, April 1995
by Bradford Barham

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What is currently known about Wisconsin farmers' adoption of recombinant bovine somatotropin (rBST, or BGH)? The Agricultural Technology and Family Farm Institute (ATFFI) was created in part to study the social and economic implications of agricultural technologies like rBST. In line with this mission, the institute has periodically surveyed Wisconsin farmers on their adoption of rBST and attitudes towards the technology. This fact sheet summarizes the results of the institute's most recent survey, conducted in the late fall of 1994, and compares those results to the institute's spring, 1994, survey. It summarizes observed patterns in rBST use and attempts to explain what those patterns might imply for the future of Wisconsin's dairy sector.

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