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Manure Management in Wisconsin: Results of the 1995 Wisconsin Farmer Poll
Research Reports No. 1, July 1997
by Douglas Jackson-Smith, Monica Nevius, and Bradford Barham

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Over the past 20 years, a significant amount of state and federal money has been spent researching the impacts of farming activities on water quality in Wisconsin. Manure and nutrient management practices have been identified as critical variables affecting the environmental performance of most farms in the state. To protect surface and groundwater resources, a number of technical and managerial solutions have been designed to minimize nutrient leaching and runoff from barnyards and farm fields. An impressive array of educational programs, financial subsidies, and regulatory incentives has been employed to encourage livestock producers to manage their manure in environmentally responsible ways. Because of the considerable public investment in this area, it is perhaps surprising that there have been few efforts to systematically analyze the degree to which farmers in Wisconsin are following recommended practices.