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Management-Intensive Rotational Grazing Among Wisconsin Dairy Farmers: A Brief Summary of Recent ATFFI Research
Research Summaries No. 1, November 1996
by PATS Staff

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The dairy industry in Wisconsin appears to be at a crossroads: on the one hand, many parties are suggesting that dairy farmers can only prosper by significantly expanding their traditional confinement systems; on the other, a growing segment of producers argue that low-input, low-capital dairy systems that rely on pastures as a significant source of forage represent a viable alternative to a confinement approach. Anecdotal evidence suggests that in the last few years a growing number of dairy farmers in Wisconsin have been adopting management intensive rotational grazing (MIRG) practices as a way to lower input costs, reduce labor, and improve herd health on their farms. The Agricultural Technology and Family Farm Institute (ATFFI), in conjunction with the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems, has followed the development of this system in Wisconsin with interest for several years.

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