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Expansion Trends in Wisconsin Dairying: Evidence from the 1994 ATFFI Dairy Farmer Poll
ATFFI Publications No. 12 research report, May 1995
by Bradford Barham, Fred Buttel, Jason McNichol, Douglas Jackson-Smith, and Spencer Wood

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Although expansion has now become a serious issue for the Wisconsin dairy industry, and there is a clear need for objective research data to inform these discussions, the advantages and disadvantages of expansion are almost always discussed in anecdotal or hypothetical terms. In particular, there has been no systematic assessment of whether the prevailing assumptions about the process of dairy farm expansion in Wisconsin conform to the on-farm realities in the state. This paper's contribution is to explore recent expansion behavior and the expressed expansion intentions of a random sample of Wisconsin dairy farmers. The findings reported on expansion intentions and recent expansion behavior should help farmers and other industry participants to grapple more effectively with the expansion issues facing Wisconsin dairying.

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