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Wisconsin Farmers' Preferences for Federal Dairy Policy: Results from the Wisconsin Dairy Farmer Poll
ATFFI Publications No. 11 research report, March 1995
by Frederick Buttel, Brad Barham and Jason McNichol

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As real milk prices have continued to decline over the past 15 years, there have been many signs of growing farmer discontent with the federal dairy program. A number of farm, agribusiness, and public interest groups have attempted to mobilize support around particular alternatives to the current dairy pricing policy. While these alternatives are widely discussed in the Wisconsin farm press, there has been no indication that any of them has the broad support of Wisconsin dairy producers.

Early 1995 is a particularly crucial time to assess farmers' preferences for dairy policy. The 1990 Farm Bill, which authorized the current dairy policy, will expire in 1995. A new Farm Bill and dairy policy will need to be written and passed later this year. It is crucial that the views of those who will be most affected by this policy - the dairy producers in states such as Wisconsin - be made known to, and be taken into account by, policymakers before the new Farm Bill is written.

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