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The Farmer Perspective on Sustainable Agriculture: Results from the 1994 ATFFI Dairy Farmer Poll
ATFFI Publications No. 9 research report, September 1994
by Frederick Buttel and Spencer Wood

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In the mid-1990s Wisconsin farmers increasingly find themselves having to assess their production practices in terms of environmental implications and risks as well as with respect to the traditional criteria such as capital costs, economic risk, and profitability. There are many dimensions of the relationship between agriculture and the environment.

For nearly 10 years there has been debate about how much priority should be placed on the development and use of sustainable agriculture practices. Much of this debate has been on the part of nonfarm groups that premise their views on claims about how the rank-and-file of farmers perceives sustainable agriculture and its performance. One of the objectives of this study will therefore be to provide some preliminary information on Wisconsin farmers' views on sustainable agriculture.

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