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Wisconsin Dairy Farmers' Evaluation of Current Stresses: Implications for Entry and Exit Behavior
ATFFI Publications No. 7 research report, August 1994
by John Cross

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Continuing declines in the number of Wisconsin dairy farmers, with entering farmers far outnumbered by exiting farmers, raise many questions concerning the future status of the state's family farmers. In as much as milk sales provide 55 percent of the value of Wisconsin's total agricultural production and with many dairy farmers being major producers of other commodities as well - the financial well-being of dairy farmers is of critical importance to Wisconsin's rural economy. The continual shrinkage is the number of Wisconsin dairy herds has raised many questions about the on-going stresses which Wisconsin's dairy farmers face and about their future prospects. These concerns, together with questions about potential consequences of recent weather conditions, prompted a survey of Wisconsin dairy farmers, the results of which are summarized in this paper.

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