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PATS co-director Jack Kloppenburg presents on local food systems at a policy lunch gathering.
The Market for rBST-free and Organic Milk
Fact Sheets No. 18, July 2003
by Jeremy Foltz and Tirtha Dhar

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The U.S. food sector is expanding in terms of new products being introduced and new innovations to current products that are being made available. Organic and genetically modified foods are leading the way in changing the choices available to consumers. This rapid expansion of sales of these products has taken place at the same time as an increase in public policy concerns on issues such as standardization, labeling, health risks, and consumer welfare. The Program on Agricultural Technology Studies (PATS) has examined the introduction of rBST-free and organic milk into the U.S. market. Understanding this market will help answer some key questions: Are consumers willing to pay extra for organic and rBST-free milk? If so, how much are they willing to pay?

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