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1994 Wisconsin Dairy Farmer Poll: Summary Report
ATFFI Publications No. 4 research report, July 1994
by Bradford Barham and Spencer Wood

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Dairy farming in Wisconsin is at an important crossroads in the 1990s. The evidence of a major structural adjustment in Wisconsin's dairyland is by now well-known to industry participants and many of the state's citizens. Knowing farmers' perspectives on policy is a vital part of responding effectively.

The 1994 Wisconsin Dairy Farmer Poll was undertaken by the ATFFI of the University of Wisconsin between February and April in an attempt to learn more about the views of farmers on a wide range of policy issues and to share the findings with state and federal legislators, government officials, and others active in Wisconsin agriculture. This initial report summarizes the principal results of the 1994 Wisconsin Dairy Farmer Poll. Forthcoming publications will analyze some of the policy issues and themes of this report in greater detail.